• Jan30

    New Year, New Chance: Being the change you want to see.

    Guest blogger, Janine shares her recent experience… My friends and I were recently soaking up a quintessential sun drenched lunch at a riverside restaurant.  Banter was flowing, the food was excellent and the icy beverages were hitting the spot.  The

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  • Jan12

    The bare necessities: A retrospective

    I once worked at an establishment whose owner required artistically carved garnishes to be added to every plate that left the kitchen.  Not every meal was begging for embellishment mind you, but nevertheless there they were.  After all that meticulous

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  • Dec28

    WANTED: Chefs

    “Must be flexible. Have good time management skills. Able to start immediately”.  Simply flick through the advertisement section on Google and you will be met with pages and pages of wanted ads all vying for your attention.  It is reported we

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