Changing with the times

(25 /07 /2014)

Have you embraced technology yet?  Have you had to change with the times? Is the iphone/ipad/tablet your new best friend? Years ago I always bought the entertainment book – you know the one where you have a mountain of vouchers that save you money (when you remember to bring the book/voucher with you?!) and with the intro of all the discount sites and shopper dockets, the entertainment book dropped off my radar.  Well it’s back! Not only because it is a fundraising tool at our local daycare but it moved with the times and became digital! With the touch of a button it uses my current location and brings up the discounts nearby then I simply swipe to redeem!

Classic example of how technology is used to make our lives simpler and to reengage with your target audience.  A real, how to ‘think outside the square’, when what you traditionally had been doing isn’t working anymore.   There are a number of tools available for hospitality businesses (cue shameless plug for iChef mobile!) making your life, your staff’s life and your customer’s life easier.  There is a coffee shop down the road from us who runs their entire business via an ipad – no cash register, no order books just all via an app that they created!

Technology is here to stay and with it comes time saving, money saving and ultimately sanity saving opportunities to grow and understand your business better.  Do your homework, test some products but take the time to understand how technology can help you!

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