Cross your t’s and dot your i’s – part 2

(17 /02 /2014)

One of the toughest realities to new comers is the notion that an already operating business should be ok!  That is should simply be a slight tweak here and there to improve profits!  I can’t stress the importance of understanding what happens in your business on a daily basis, not weekly or monthly, but each day so that you are prepared for the reality not shocked when staff you ‘assumed’ were doing the right thing suddenly highlight a major issue.

For a hospitality business to be successful you must ‘walk a mile’ in the shoes of each and every role in the establishment, how does each department work with the other and exactly what does a day actually cost me.

iChef is in the process of creating a system where most of the guessing is taken away and provides the answers needed to guide you on the changes needed. Having real time answers makes the decisions easier and could lead to financial gains, it will certainly ensure your eyes are wide open and you are able to make changes with immediate affect!  Allowing you to be proactive not reactive and giving your business its best opportunity to thrive.

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