Do you have someone you can call on for advice?

(14 /04 /2016)

When I started my journey as a chef way back in the days of ‘sink or swim’ teaching techniques and the Gordon Ramsay approach, it was refreshing when the kitchen team changed during my apprenticeship and Manfred Lippold arrived to take over the helm of the Windsor.

It was like a new calm atmosphere took over the kitchen. The team grew with like-minded chefs and the previous dread of having to go to work was replaced with eagerness to learn the trade and not just survive. Suddenly, we as apprentices were assigned to a section, instead of running them by ourselves with the senior chef watching over us waiting to strike and tell us where we were going wrong, we were being shown how to prep and set up correctly. It was an opportunity to assist and learn during service with the ultimate goal being to run the service ourselves!  No more ‘sink or swim’.

Manfred was meticulous in ensuring that we had training and an understanding of what it takes to be a chef before being thrown to the wolves.  He came into the kitchen with that in mind and whilst he pushed us to be the best Chefs possible he also armed us with experience and insight into our industry – something that had been sorely lacking to start with.

I truly believe that the guidance and mentoring I received under his watch made me what I am today and equipped me with the tools and vision I needed to run my own business and create iChef.

That’s not to say I didn’t stumble along the way.  I look back to the days of having my own restaurant and putting all my training into having an amazing kitchen and great team and teaching housewives the art of Gueridon cooking and to build a good wedding venue.  As I have mentioned before, unfortunately this restaurant didn’t survive!

What was missing…. A BUSINESS mentor to guide me with the money side of life. If I had the same guidance as I had with my cooking training I feel that my first venture would have been a different story.

Whether you are starting out or have been in the industry awhile.  Look at finding a mentor to guide you through the unknown, don’t be proud, this is the time when you need help and direction.

Even know, years later, I have surrounded myself with mentors – specialists in their areas, helping me to grown and move forward with iChef.  But there is one thing I want to say…

Thanks Manfred.


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