Good old fashion customer service…

(27 /09 /2013)

You have been led to your table by a staff member, menus under arm and your hopes of a great night firmly in their hands! Then it happens, you suddenly become invisible to everyone, even the person who led you to your table and was all smiles on your arrival. For an owner, this is what nightmares are made of. The customer holds the power for the success or failure of any business. Have you heard “Bad news travels faster than good?”

If someone has had a bad experience, you can bet everyone they meet the next day will hear about the night ‘we became invisible’.  The important lesson to learn here is… train your staff to look after the guest as they would expect to be treated in return. Don’t just leave them after their meals have been served. On sell and up sell! There is a chance they will buy something more and there is also an opportunity to get to know the guest and encourage them to come back!  Treat every guest as research on how to improve your business, what they like and dislike, what they are looking for in an eatery and what is happening at other places around town.

Equally important is the environment your staff work in.  A happy relaxed atmosphere at back of house is easily reflected front of house.  How easy do you think it is to be yelled at from someone in management or back of house and then turn around, smiling and pretending like nothing happened when you reach the customers? Remember that well trained, happy and diligent staff are valuable assets to any business.

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