Great chef but poor financial manager?

(13 /01 /2016)

There have been many articles about the apparent lack of skills our apprentices have when leaving college and training providers. Some in our industry say that the level of basic business knowledge is quite a worry especially when we are expecting them to be the new ‘talent’ taking over our businesses.

There are a portion of business owners who rely on the financial prowess of their Chef as the sole source of understanding how the kitchen operates i.e. what affects what in a financial aspect within the kitchen.) So if these Chefs do indeed have a ‘lack of business skills’ as highlighted then where does  that leave the business owners? Do you replace the chef? or do you look at ways around it? Should the burden of understanding the financial side of the kitchen be on the chef?  Or should they simply be cooking? So if we do have a Chef who is not so great at the business end, then how can they efficiently run the kitchen?  On one hand it’s not just about the food for the owner but about the dollars. However, as a customer they come in for the good food and service not good bookkeeping!   With so many talented Chefs on the scene what’s more important? Their highly regarded food, or someone to do both fantastic food and books? So how as a business owner do you deal with this?  There are so many other areas of your business that you need to focus on, surely the Chef should know how to financially run a kitchen?

The answer is in the pipeline! iChef is in the final stages of creating a complete financial management system.  For as little as 2 cups of coffee a week! (yep! Everyone seems to be using this comparison!) it will monitor and guide you in the daily operations! Think of it as putting an experience executive chef in charge without having the wage cost! iChef Pro will let your chef be passionate about the food and do what they love without being bogged down in paperwork.  It is a system that business owners can run with or kitchen staff/chefs can use to free up more time.

Watch this space!

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