Have you ever regretted following a trend?

(27 /11 /2015)

Or perhaps jumped on the band wagon only to find that no one really noticed or passed comment?  A top London restaurant decided that after months of customers mainly opting for the gluten and dairy free options, they would revamp their whole a la carte menu to be completely gluten and dairy free.  No mean feat given the amount of time and effort it takes to make gluten free bread and alter recipes to retain their richness and flavours yet adhere to the strict guidelines for dietary concerns.  The problem was…no one noticed!

They are still popular, they still make amazing food but no one has made remark about the overhaul.  Are we simply getting complacent? Just assuming that this is the norm?

Without creating a song and dance about it, perhaps they could have advertised, marketed or drummed up a little bit of media about it?  But from all accounts people are still going and the demand is still there so should they just change back?

It all comes down to perception, do they want to be seen as a top restaurant – in general or do they want to be known as a top restaurant specialising in gluten and dairy free? Creating a very definite niche for themselves.  Following on from our story the other week related to wacky or unique selling points, there appears to be  a fine line between being different and being to specialised.

What do you think?

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