Hit me with your BEST shot

(12 /02 /2017)

Much to the dismay of southern hipsters in our fair land, the majority of voters on Beanhunter recently voiced that our neighbours in the north have upped their coffee game to clinch victory.   Well done, Queensland.  You win this round.

Results like this breed a healthy competition of blends between our cities.   Everywhere you turn there are dedicated cafes, hole-in-the-wall coffee caverns and conveniently placed vendors with carts peddling the blessed beverage.  Of course I am not immune to the lure of the holy grail of morning sanity that most of us crave.  I am only human after all.

It makes you wonder with all the competitiveness is it easy or difficult to make a living?  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, café and restaurant sales (which includes both coffee AND food) feed the growth engine of the country’s economy.  This is good news for new start ups.

An experienced friend of mine already walking the talk suggests that when starting out, the best way to reduce overheads for maximum return is to own and operate your business.   The less staffing costs while producing cups of coffee the better the profit. Better profits providing the volume is high of course.  A few ways you can stand out from the crowd is by personalising your drop.

“If you have the option of roasting your own beans, you should definitely do it.  It is a way of standing out from the crowd and hopefully yours will be memorable.  Another option he suggests is to offer healthier alternatives.  Organic almond, rice and soy milk go a long way with people who need or prefer these options.  “If you can master a coffee that still tastes like coffee with these added, you are streets ahead”.

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