How do you spread the word? A weekly meeting or let the ‘grapevine’ tell the story?

(28 /05 /2014)

I believe holding a weekly meeting is paramount to any business.  I have always held them.  It is here that any concerns or difficulties can be discussed and solutions found. It is an opportunity for owners and management to discuss openly any issues faced by the business.  You would be surprised at how many problems can be solved with a round table discussion and allowing everyone to have their say.  It is also important that the staff understand the issues faced.

Weekly meetings are a great way of setting goals and getting everyone’s involvement in the running of the business.  From recognising money wasting concerns thought to menu design, it offers an opportunity to praise outstanding performances and group achievements.

It is also the perfect forum to put a stop on any gossip. The most damaging way of getting information is though GOSSIP, with everyone guessing what is going on. Honesty is the best way of getting everyone involved!  By giving everyone ownership in the establishment you will soon see everyone pulling together and getting results.

However, there are some pitfalls!

It is important that you never speak down to people and not discuss issues with individuals in the group. Praise in public and correct in private!

Don’t waffle on!  It is not a forum for you as a manager or an owner to ‘hold court’ and talk at the staff, it is an opportunity to share information and involve everyone!  Keep it short and sweet.

Remember openness and group involvement is paramount in the success of any business.

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