Is TV reality?

(01 /09 /2016)

No, is the simple answer.

Reality is that in real life there are lot of blood sweat and tears that go into working in, owning or running a kitchen. I’m sure you all agree, just hang out in a busy kitchen for peak service and tell me it isn’t stressful.

Reality TV shows a lot of romance in running a restaurant and planning menus. My Restaurant Rules was a great one in seeing just one side of the story. We saw staff and owners have hissy fits, but they didn’t show the most important part of  ownership which is how to make money – I guess that isn’t the sexy side of tv. A full restaurant is never a surety of making that magical thing called profit or healthy profit.

Without truly understanding the real cost of your menu items, you may as well be handing out cash.  I have worked with plenty of clients who have super busy cafes/restaurants but are losing money.  On closer inspection, they price for what the customer wants NOT what it is actually costing them.  Customers should come to your restaurant and enjoy the food, yes, but you shouldn’t be giving it away.

Newbies to the industry with dreams of opening a café/restaurant/wine bar but with no real life experience or support will unfortunately fall to the wayside.  The reality is, you need to surround yourself with mentors, business advisors and peers who have experience in the industry and who can offer you a ‘real’ view.  Have you got the tools and systems in place to ensure you don’t become a statistics.

Unfortunately the rose coloured glasses that reality tv shows paint our industry with, means that once the cameras and the hype have disappeared it really is dependent on how amazing your food is AND the tools you have to support you.

So look past the plasma screen and find out what is really needed in the world of  hospitality.

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