It’s all in a name!

(30 /08 /2013)

Naming your restaurant is as hard as naming your child. You want it to be remembered and to reflect your theme. For example, the obvious ones are; China House – Chinese; Taco Bill – Mexican; Bombay Bliss – Indian.

But the most important point is that it needs to be remembered!  It’s all about branding!  Branding and image is an essential tool in your marketing strategy. Be creative and you may find a name that just rings and everyone will know it, but most importantly RESEARCH!  Does anyone else have your name?  Are you able to secure the domain name? The social media tags? Or does your name have negative connotations in your local area….classic example is a Chinese Restaurant I saw in Ireland called Phat Soon – now it was the name of the owner but I tell you I had second thoughts about what I would look like after eating there!

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