Keeping the dream alive!

(20 /08 /2014)

My vision years ago, which is still with me now, was to set up a place where anyone in the hospitality industry can come and have their questions answered, problems looked at and can be pointed in the right direction.

The plan was to have a HR Consultant looking after all issues relevant to hospitality HR and training, an Accounting Consultant to looking into leasing, and other financial issues faced, a Turnaround Management Team, Marketing and Sales Team and a buying/purchasing team to find the best prices for the industry.

Finally, wrap all that up with a software package that can look after the financial operation of a business and directs the owner what is really happening in the back ground and what needs to adjusted.

Imagine all this experience and those solutions under one roof!  I guess the big question is ‘can this be achieved and how?’, I am determined to see my dream kept alive and whilst it has taken me a little longer than expected I am still on track!

It would be great to see groups join forces and knowledge in an effort to make a difference to so many businesses who need the assistance to not only keep their doors open but to achieve their goals and dreams in being successful.  I truly believe that it is all about MAKING A DIFFERENCE.

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