Less food please

(11 /08 /2016)

Tired of guessing what your customers want? What they really really want? Well I’ll tell you what they want. What they really really want. They wanna…they wanna…smaller portions and fruit and veg.

Health has a fairly prominent and regular spot in the media in Australia. It is continuing to be a high priority for many Australians. This can be seen in a plethora of new government initiatives that have been driven by public concern. The main concerns have been centered around personal and community health and weight issues as well as food safety and origin issues.

According to a new report by Ipsos Food Chats “the top five food priorities in 2016 for Australians are: eating more fresh fruit and vegetables (40%), smaller portion sizes (31%), reducing sugar intake from food (24%), eating healthier snacks (23%) and cutting down on fat (23%).”

The results of this study were generated from Ipsos Food Chats surveying 3002 adult consumers in Australia. One of the findings indicated that it seems that customers want both healthier food and great authentic food experiences.

“Our craving for exciting flavour experiences shows no signs of diminishing and we still love new flavours and inspiring food creations,” said Ipsos Strategy & Research Director Kathy Benson said.

In terms of eating out the report stated “one in three Australians say they eat out and restaurants or cafes are our favourite places to eat out, followed by fast food chains, food courts and clubs and pubs. Fast food chains dominate the average number of eating out occasions at 4.6 times per month, compared to restaurants and cafes at 4.2 times. McDonald’s is the most popular fast food venue (28%), followed by Hungry Jacks (14%), KFC (10%), Subway (9%) and Coffee Club (4%).”

This great news for both owners of franchises and restaurant owners, though it does seem a little contradictory that consumers want healthier foods but continue to choose fast food chains as their favourite places to eat. I think that fast food chains are certainly clever to be providing both their traditional menu and including healthier options; it really meets the consumer’s wants and needs.


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