What difference a $4.00 biscuit can make.

(21 /11 /2012)

$4.00 x 10 times in one day = $40.00

$40.00 x 7 Days = $280.00

$280.00 x 52 weeks = $14,560.00

This sum came to mind after I had lunch with my Father at a nice café. The place was quite busy for lunch on this day. We had finished lunch and were progressing through a coffee after the meal, when I thought to myself wouldn’t a biscuit go nicely with this. Before I could ask for it, along came the waitress with our bill. That killed the moment. It wasn’t as if the service time had come to the end and the place was closing, it just happened – and to other tables as well.


The whole reason for being open is to make money. Every seat in the room needs to make a minimum amount of money at each sitting. Train staff in the gentle art of on selling and up selling. Divide the service time in selling points, so staff will know when to sell and not to sell. The hard sell is a put off and annoying; set the times to approach the customers at comfortable intervals, so the customers feel you are being attentive, not overbearing and simply trying to increase your customer spend yields…which you are, and should be.

You don’t want to lose $14k a year just because your staff are not asking  “is there anything else I can get for you?”  before hitting them with the bill.

What a difference a $4.00 biscuit can make!

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