Loving the endless pile of invoices that need to be entered?

(03 /01 /2014)

Invoices – it is definitely tedious but unfortunately a very necessary evil!  One that needs to be done on a regular basis. I like to go through them every day. This ensures I have up-to-date ingredient costs, ensuring my menu stays within my food cost margin. It also warns me of waste and unnecessary purchasing issues as I will be able to recognise changes in purchasing levels if the kitchen has over ordered.

When invoices are entered into the iChef Pro System, along with the price of each ingredient, this information is fed through the entire system – linking to stocktaking and menu costing. This one point of entry will update the food cost of the menu allowing the operator to see increases in product costs impacting on the bottom line of each menu item then adjustments can be made. The data is easily entered as ingredients already entered will pre-load for updating.  If there are any unusual buying activity it will show up in reports.

Over the week when the sales are entered, the system will do a pre-stocktake look at the food cost percentages and projected stock level prior to stocktake so you will be up to date on what is happening in the kitchen.

I find when you have real time indicators then issues can be addressed and money saved.

The stocktake list will be updated each time invoices are entered including any new product lines and prices updated.

The data can also be entered anywhere via a PC and/or tablet.

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