Qualifications – fair point…Do we really need them to open a business?

(28 /09 /2016)

”To open a real estate business I need a licence, to be a plumber, electrician or a taxi driver I need to be qualified or accredited, but to open a restaurant, cafe I just need to have money and an idea on how to cook scrambled eggs.” This was the first thing Sally said after her first sip of tea. ”And they wonder why there are so many places hitting the wall”.  Fair point!

“Funny you should say that! I replied!  I have just finished the last of the reports flying around on LinkedIn and in the media and was wondering if it was failure report month on the hospitality industry. Reports shouting such things as 60% industry failure rate in the first year, 3 out of 5 fail, over saturation, scrap penalty rates…the reports just keep coming! Scary stuff!

So what Sally spoke of made sense! Why is there no form of test put in place to see if new operators understand what it really takes to run a viable/successful hospitality business. You would think that with the high failure rates Governments would look at this more closely, as it is them, in the end, that has to pick up the pieces in the form of welfare for the fallen, the social implications in the form of family break ups and mental health issues.

It’s so easy to open up a place as long you have some cash or a backer and watched all the episodes of Master Chef! Surely, that’s all I need? I personally have seen the other side of the industry and witnessed the failures.  Some people simply waiting until it was too late to turnaround before they put their hands up for help! The impact is not just on the individual themselves but on the family and the staff.

The more I spoke with Sally about her comment, the more we felt the ‘simple‘ needs to be taken out of the opening a place equation. It shouldn’t be that easy, questions really need to be asked before that funding is handed over, is there structure in place to try and prevent you from being a statistic.  Have you really researched the tools and systems out there that can support you with running the business and do you know where to go for help?

Look around and you can see there are enough places, and in my opinion too many places around already, so I think it’s time that we set some form of qualifications or guideline before turning the keys on a dream that can easily go pear shaped.


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