Commercial kitchen principles at home

(21 /12 /2012)

I am often asked if a household could use the same principles used in the financial  management of a commercial kitchen. Well my answer is –  yes you can, the only difference is you feed your family and friends and not paying customers.

Following the same principles of a commercial kitchen will help with budgeting the household’s generally extended spending over the festive season, and lead you into your new year with great household budgeting practices.

Step 1. Firstly download the MenuCoster App, to assist with the longevity of your new budgeting practices.

Step 2. Always conduct a small stocktake before the shop, so as not to double up on ingredients.

Step 3. When perishables are purchased, record the shelf life of the ingredient.

Step 4. (Unlike in a commercial kitchen) Enjoy cooking your favourite recipes; and of course enjoy eating them with your family and friends.

Merry Christmas and wishing you a very happy and prosperous New Year !


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