Sales vs Stocktake vs Wastage! Are these truly all linked to PROFIT???

(08 /01 /2014)

Reviewing sales results is another key ingredient to managing the kitchen (pardon the pun!). I’m not trying to sound like ‘Captain Obvious’ but by reviewing the daily sales you are able to see what’s selling and what’s not!  This simple check will control wastage and assist in the re-ordering of the correct stock. When a menu item is selling below expectation you will be able to make changes to reflect this slow moving item, and use the stock for that  dish as a ‘special’ to increase sales and avoid loss through waste.

If sales are recorded regularly, you will be able to see patterns forming.  It will show peaks and troughs in your business and your menu allowing you to order the right stock at the right levels based on actual facts not just guess work.

iChef Pro features

  • Indicates slow selling menu items
  • Updates stock on hand levels
  • Show daily food cost % (this is only possible if all data required is entered daily)
  • Maintain a sales history for business Peaks & Troughs
  • Record the inpact of give aways, discounted items and free meals have on the bottom line.

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