The Burger Revolution

(22 /03 /2015)

Burgers are awesome – beef burgers, chicken burgers even vegan burgers!  You can pretty much get them anywhere and they can be created to meet most tastes and budgets.  For many of us, our first experience of a burger was one from a McDonald’s restaurant.  Remember those “Junior Burgers” from the early ‘80’s?  They really were all the rage when you were a kid!

But times have changed and customers want more than a humble beef patty, special sauce, lettuce, cheese on a sesame seed bun…you get my drift!  And over the past few years in particular, McDonald’s have listened to consumers and are providing a much more extended menu these days.  I recently read an article regarding yet another new concept for the fast-food chain – they have introduced a “make your own burger” option where it will be assembled by a specialised team of burger artists, not just your average school-age McDonald’s staffer.

Your customised burger will be presented to you on plates with accompanying fries in baskets and all this for $18.00…would you like a drink with that?  So my question is…with everyone growing up with cheap burgers from McDonald’s, will anyone actually put their dollars towards an upmarket burger from the fast food chain or go to one of the many trendy specialist burger places that seem to be popping up left, right and centre?

It looks like everyone is jumping on the burger revolution so to keep up McDonald’s really does need to jump on the band-wagon.  But has the cheap, fast food burger been overtaken by the more expensive crafted burger?

Currently, McDonald’s is tackling a downward trend in sales, not just here but worldwide as people are paying more attention to their waists and taking up more healthy options, so reinvention seems to be a key marketing strategy for the company.

So what do you think – will McDonald’s always be McDonald’s no matter what they do?  What effect do you think marketing these new food approaches will have on sales and their position in the market?  I think it will be hard to move out of the “fast food burger” space and into the more upmarket “crafted burger” space but let’s watch this space and see how it goes for them.

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