The importance of the Menu Coster

(10 /11 /2012)

Coming up with the ultimate menu for an establishment is so important, as it keeps the punters interested.

But that menu can come at a cost. Do you really know what the dish is costing, are you making that all important gross profit.

Not long ago I was restructuring a Hotel and the Manager of the day always came with cook books under his arm wanting the kitchen team to recreate certain recipes. This was how the business was run before I got there.

The recipe was given to the Chef of the day, it was made and then sold via the specials board. How much did it cost, no one knew.

No wonder that food cost ran at 55% – 60% for this particular restaurant.

Every item that is made needs to be costed, every establishment needs to know their food cost %.  Are you taking into consideration the cost of the tooth picks, serviettes, drinking water, salt and pepper on the table, condiments, candles and lemon wedge for the hand bowl. Every thing has a value/cost – this is often forgotten in menu costing.

So when the menu design is completed make sure that you are getting that healthy bottom line that you need to prosper.

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