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(16 /11 /2016)

This week’s guest blogger, Janine Billing from Gingertots writes about her experiences of eating out with small people…

Miss 10 was excitedly pouring through her menu like she was reading an Andy Griffiths novel.  Sitting across from me, my niece was proudly wearing a tiara and sounding out the meal descriptions before demanding, “What is a j-u-s?”.  After I briefly explained of the delicate process of making a good jus her mind was made up.  “Yep, I will have that one.”

Of course this particularly delicious eye fillet with mentioned accompaniment was not an item on the kids menu.   This is mainly due to the fact that this particular establishment did not have a dedicated section of children’s offerings.  The initial decision of the entrée sized margherita pizza and chips had escalated quickly.

More often nowadays the younger demographic is being excluded when it comes to dining.  Consider the marketing tactics employed by fast food empires directed at young children. They are driven largely by the desire to develop and build brand awareness and brand loyalty from a tender age.   Marketers even believe that brand preference now begins before behaviour does.

As we know the salt and sugar laden, mass-produced versions are the appealing choice when on the go and options are limited.  However, when you have the opportunity of positively influencing the younger generation with good quality ingredients with the added benefit of having an experience I am not going to quell her enthusiasm.

Consider your customer and what lasting influence you can have.  Thinking ahead I could cringe at the notion that she will one day choose the lobster over chicken nuggets but I must applaud the fact that she prefers quality.

“Can I have oysters too?”


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