The Market Experience

(22 /10 /2012)

As a restauranteur (and every other day of the week, with or without a restaurant) one of my happy places is the Queen Victoria Market in Melbourne. I venture there to get all the fresh fish, meat and vegetables, everything you can think of. From the continental deli’s cold meats, cheese, dips for the restaurant and for home. Relationships are formed with the stall holders, keeping you up to date on what is available, fresh and flavoursome and what is not.

You are in control with freshness and at times the price. If your relationship is strong and you show loyalty then the same is generally shown to you.

You cannot beat the market for freshness and quality. The shelf life is a great benefit for stock control as you know that it hasn’t sat in a cool room somewhere waiting to be sold. You can actually look, feel and smell before you buy.

No matter what you do, buying at the markets is cost effective and the quality is absolutely no match to many suppliers.

Visit the Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne.

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