Think outside the square!

(19 /06 /2014)

If you are like a lot of places, you are open all day and the afternoon ‘lull’ between services is the quietest. So instead of filling the salt and pepper shakers, or taking a nap, how about you look at a way to generate additional revenue!

What about creating an afternoon tea menu? I have seen this done well in some Asian restaurants, both here and overseas.  Designed for the late eaters looking for an alternative to sandwiches and wraps, but who are not wanting a huge lunchtime meal.

The afternoon menu uses a combination of lunch and dinner items, with the inclusion of whatever else is on hand but at smaller size and price.  Print these options on a separate ‘afternoon tea’ menu and hit the local businesses/offices! The advantage of this is that there is no additional prep required as you are offering meals that are already part of the full menu. What a great way of keeping stock levels moving! This can even generate new customers from those guests who may not be able to afford the full price menu!  You may find that you create a new peak time in your day.

Think about creative ways of getting the word out –social media, email, good old fashion door knocking – if your quiet time is afternoon, chances are local businesses and offices may also have a lull or experience the ‘3pm tummy rumbles!’

Always find ways to fill the void as every hour you own a business it cost you money.

We would love to hear from you, is there something you are struggling with and need a nudge in the right direction?  Or alternatively has something made your life easier! We would love to showcase your experiences and help where we can! www.ichef.com.au

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