To be or not to be…that, my friend, is the question!

(17 /07 /2014)

Australians traditionally were always conservative in their menu choices.  The chicken schnitzel, a good old t-bone or roast on a Sunday but in the last decade our love for travel has equated to a love affair of a different kind with food.  Australians are adventurous with their food choices now and that is showing through with the global foodies now standing up and taking notice of us here ‘down under’.

Food trends for 2014 were tipped to lean towards paleo, good old fashioned picking and preserving, further exploration into more ‘traditional’ foods from Asian and the Middle East, farmers market-fresh, combinations of new herbs and spices and generally creating an ‘experience’ , a trip of the senses with our menu choices.

So my question is…Do you follow trend or stick with what you know?  Do you have a winning formula for your menu or do you venture into new territory?  There is no right answer but when considering your menu choices you must also consider your target market.  Who are you regular customers?  Are you willing to lose some of your regulars to gain some new ‘on trend’ customers and will these new customers stick around or move on with the next new thing?

Which way you go, remember to always cost your menu correctly, look at portion sizes and consider your niche – for example if you are an Indian restaurant branching out into Mexican cuisine may just be too confusing for your customers.

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