Value for money

(13 /11 /2013)

I am by no means a food critic but have you asked yourself,  are we giving our customers value for money?

I was out and about recently and thought to myself that an afternoon snack of a drink, some fries and a good old fashion ‘toasty’ would go down a treat.  So my friends and I chose a place to sit down – one that we hadn’t been to before and one that when we asked did serve what we were looking for  – and ordered.  In time, our order arrived!  Needless to say the looks that were exchanged at the table said it all!  Sitting in front of us was our humble bowl of fries – well our humble bowl of 7 sticks of approximately  10cm x 2cm potatoes for the bargain price of $8! Now I will admit they were cooked very nicely but the question is….did we get value for money? On this occasion I would say NO!

It is important to remember that we are not only giving people an experience when they come to our establishments but we are also ensuring that they receive value for money.  This is just as important as customer service, we have all had the experience of paying through the nose for a meal but walking away raving about it BUT we have also had the flip side, where the food simply did not live up to our expectations.

For my $8 I could have bought a couple of bags of potatoes!

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