Wacky is in…

(22 /11 /2015)

I was recently reading an article in the Daily Telegraph about a diner standing out from crowd for being a little wacky!  The Hello Kitty Diner in Sydney is attempting to cash in on being a little different, although they are serving a simple menu, catering to mainly families with children. What a great way to stand out and be noticed in a saturated market.

What’s your unique selling point?  What do you do that is different to attract new customers?  It doesn’t have to be all about the theme or the decor but what about following a trend or introducing technology or a bit of fun into your establishment?

Thinking outside the square seems to be the way forward.  I have recently visited cafes that have taken the whole lawn party theme seriously, the staff wear vintage croquet outfits, the floor is covered in fake grass and their tables and chairs are outdoor metal ones like my grandma used to own and you know what, the food was simply bar style menu but the atmosphere was fun and different.  Gone are the days where you can simply present steak and chips or chicken schnitzel, people are looking for a twist, a talking point and a reason to bring friends back.  Match this with social media and you have a winner.

You really need to keeping thinking ahead, researching, watching trends and evolving to stay current and profitable.  Unfortunately, the majority of diners are fickle and will move on to the next ‘cool’ thing (if that is even the word for it now days….)

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