Waiting for that magical day…when the sun comes out and it will all be ok!

(21 /11 /2013)

I read an article recently in The Courier Mail – “Head in the sand leaves a mouthful of regret”.

How true this is! When I was heading for disaster in my own restaurant, I constantly convinced myself that next week would be the turning point.  That the clouds would clear and the heavens would open up showering me with riches and my business life would change. Well guess what? That day, week, month never arrived.  I’m not saying always look at the glass half empty, I’m just saying if you are in trouble, even at the very first glimpse of trouble! ASK FOR HELP! Go looking for the support or advice you need to ensure you don’t enter the downward spiral and end up a statistic for the hospitality industry!

There are other factors at play when a business fall into strife, and the economy is not always to blame, I have seen many eateries doing very well even during downturns or ‘when the leisure dollar is stretched’.  If you are having trouble getting ‘bums on seats’ and the place around the corner is full then step outside and LOOK!  It may be as simple as asking someone outside of your circle to have a look – fresh eyes or an independent opinion  may just find that little something that needs changing. Don’t wait and don’t be too proud to ask!

It frustrates me how many times I am asked to assist and it is sadly too late to save. Keep an open mind and constantly be looking at ways to improve or grow, understanding every facet of your business will make it easier to spot the early signs of trouble. Don’t wait until the lights go out.

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