Where it hurts – Right in the Spuds

(09 /11 /2016)

Our weather is the biggest influence on what we are able to source and serve to our customers.  In Australia we are right now staring down the barrel of a potato shortage that could certainly affect the way we offer “fries with that”.

Unusually wet weather throughout Tasmania and Victoria is the culprit for making the harvesting of our favourite side a laborious and difficult task.  It’s no secret that the humble spud holds a special place in our Aussie kitchens.   It has been reported that on average, household’s nationwide purchase up to 2.5kg of the beloved vegetable each month.

The prices of sebago’s have risen from $400 a tonne to an unprecedented $1500 a tonne.   Kipfler’s are in exceedingly rare supply and are fetching a whopping $4000 a tonne.

Makes us remember we are lucky in Australia with a resilient supply chain.   The farmers are however offering hope and expect a return of normality for the future.  Spare a thought for some Venezuelans who just last year found them selves in the same potato shortage predicament.  About 100 stores of a popular western franchise found itself without stock.  As alternatives to fries they were offering yaca-fries in restaurants – a version of root vegetable similar to cassava– to a throng of disgruntled customers.

Let’s pray it does not come to that.

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